Jewish Weddings

Jewish marriage is integral to God‘s plan of ongoing creation, which began with the creation of the first human couple, Adam and Eve. Marriage not only provides individual companionship, but it also ensures the physical and spiritual survival of humanity.

The Jewish wedding is not just a one-day affair. The “wedding” rituals began with the decision to get married. A tenaim ceremony heralds the upcoming marriage by reading a document of a commitment and shattering a dish. Closer to the wedding is the aufruf, where the groom (or the couple) recites a blessing over the Torah and is showered with candy. The bride has the opportunity to prepare spiritually by immersing herself in the mikveh (ritual pool), a custom many grooms follow as well. The team at Lens2Lens know that each and every Jewish Wedding maybe conducted in a different manner to others and we are here to help you and put your minds at rest so you are able to get the most out of your special day.

The Lens2Lens team also understand that various events take place throughout the day and will be on hand to catch every moment of it. On the wedding day, before the ceremony, the ketubah is signed by two witnesses, and many but not all couples will do the bedeken ceremony in which the groom covers the bride’s face with a veil.

The most important part of the day is, the marriage ceremony itself which is usually, conducted under a huppah (marriage canopy), which has two parts–the betrothal, known as erusin or Kiddush in, and the actual marriage, nissuin. The ketubah is generally read between these two parts. The betrothal traditionally includes:

This is then followed onto the nissuin ceremony involves the recitation of usually seven blessings, called the sheva berakhot, that reflect themes of Jewish marriage. The ceremony ends when the groom (or sometimes groom and bride together) shatters a glass in memory of the Temple’s destruction.

The rituals don’t end with the recessional. The newly married couple spend a short time alone together in yihud and then proceeds to the wedding feast. Whereby Lens2Lens can capture the evening celebrations with your family and friends and deliver a service that will be remembered for a life time.

Please feel free to contact our team and arrange an appointment in which we will provide a pre consultation to discuss all the details of the day which will be tailored to your needs.

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